ASCA/WASC 2023 - Segeln

ASCA/WASC 2023 - Segeln

Dearest Sailing Friends

hugs from warm and sunny Finland!  

As we promised a year ago in Switzerland, we are up to make the ASCA & WASC happen on 2023 !!! 

Event would be held on 19th-23rd June 2023 in Turku.  

Turku is one of the biggest cities in Finland, located in West by the sea. It’s about 160km from the Helsinki airport and easy to reach by bus from the Helsinki airport or by train from the Helsinki City... or by a ferry from Stockholm. 

Boat would be 606, a small keel boat for 2-3 men crew. Unfortunately we don’t know the team fee or cost of the sailing part just yet. 

Anmeldung nur als Sektionsmitglied und per Mail an walter.kovarik[at] 

Termin Eigenschaften

Temin Beginn 19.06.2023
Termin Ende 23.06.2023
max. Teilnehmer 7
aktuelle Teilnehmer 1
Einzelpreis tbd
Gespeichert von Sportclub - EventmanagerIn
Ort Turku
Veranstaltungs-Kategorien Sportveranstaltung (Ausland), Segeln

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